Darjeeling Tea - How to Brew

Learn about simple brewing steps that can make a huge difference to the drink you create. Fine tune your approach to making tea.

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Darjeeling Tea

This tea comes from Darjeeling in Himalayas - also known as Queen of Hills. Only the tea grown in this region can be branded such. High end Darjeeling Tea needs a bit of delicate treatment to bring out the best in its taste and flavor. Follow these simple steps, then experiment and improve as you go.

First, get the water right!

Use pure water: Quality of water makes a big difference to your cuppa. While you don't need to go to France for your source of good water, we recommend avoiding tap water as these may have a liberal dose of chlorine which 'colors' the taste of your tea. We recommend the use of 'filtered water' wherever possible, as with any premium drink.

Getting right temperature

90 degree C: For delicate teas, you will need 90 Degree Centigrade. Too hot, you will burn the tea, too less, you will not get the flavors out of the tea leaves.

1000W microwave: 1.5 mins would typically give you a 85 Degree C, 2 mins would give 100. Gas burner: Turn off before water comes to a boil - it would be around 90 Degrees. If you let it come to full boil, its 100.

Tea spoon

Get the right 'teaspoon'

2 gms of tea per cup: The teaspoon is a ubiquitous accessory! It does vary somewhat in size. A standard tea spoon would have about 2 gms of full leaf tea (flat) and about 2.5 gm when heaped.


Soaking it in: Typical duration for steeping (soaking the tea before consuming) makes a difference to taste and flavor of the tea. This varies between 4 to 5 minutes. Too much it may turn bitter, too less, you will miss out on the flavor.

As a rule of thumb, when you see the leaves have opened up and have settled on the bottom, it is ready! You also keep watching the color of liquor change and evolve.

Serve and enjoy

Pour into cups: After the tea has steeped well and the flavors absorbed, you can pour it into your serving cups. Give it about a minute of cooling before you take your first sip - twirl the tea in your mouth to spread it over.

Second sip is where start getting the right taste and flavor - try sucking in a bit of air alongside. It will give you a fuller taste.

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